The village Keckivci with area of 1006 hectares is situated in the altitude of 400 m under the mountain of Nyzki Beskydy, in the valley of Mostivka creek, northern part of the Ondava river, in the Svidnik county near the border with Poland. Village is surrounded with beautiful forests in the south and north.

Keckivci in the year 2002 will celebrate its 430 anniversary since its first written mentioning. There was 341 inhabitants living in the village in 1787. The number grew to 491 in 1828 and reached its maximum in 1843, when there was 544 people living. The number of inhabitants decreased significantly due to and cholera and hunger in the second half of 19th century, but increased back to 422 in the 1893. This number oscillated unsignificantly over the years. Severe fights were going on in Keckivci and its surroundings during the World War II. After that the number of people decreased significantly because of people moving to Czech republic and to other cities and this trend has been so especially since 1970s. Currently the village is inhabited by 230 people out of which 72 are in their post-productive age. Young people leave the village in search of jobs outside of the region.

People has always claimed their nationality to be ruthenian, ukrainian even though last censuses show significant assimilation. While in 1930 out of 470 people 428 claimed to be ruthenian/russian/ukrainian, only 61 out of 230 did it so in 2001.